The name GELDREICH is of Germanic origin; GILDERIC.  GILD - is connected to the Gothic -GILD that means Royalties", in anglo Saxon GELT means " Payment " and the suffif -RIC means “considerable".  (According to the book "Dictionnaire Etymologique des Noms de famille" of Marie-Thérèse Morlet). 
Regarding the suffix -RIC, it is necessary to note that the Germanic RIK – which means "powerful", has been borrowed from the Gallic RIG – with the meaning  “sovereign chief”, before the mutation of the g  to k. This word exists  also in Gothic as REIK-S (=RIK-S) and means  “Powerful ". (According to the book  from the collection “Que sais-je?”  by  Paul Lebel with the title „Les noms de personnes en France” in the chapter „Noms gallo-germaniques).
In another book of Max Gottschald „Deutsche Namenskunde ", fünfte verbesserte Auflage mit einer Einführung in die Familiennamenkunde von Rudolf Schnützeichel, you can see that our name drifts from GELTEN that means value, importance; to have value and influence. whereas we could believe that it drifts from GELD, GELT = Money. Although, we all know ;  to have a lot of money gives  influence… 
The Origins of the name: 
Name of German consonance, it is well of this Country that it is original, but the first traces of the name have been found in Switzerland. Indeed; a small village named GELTERKINDEN, at the time "GELTERKINGEN" or "GELTERCHINGIN" situated at the south-east from Basel near Sissach. After  consulting the state archives of Basel, the following indications had been confirmed and can be verified on the site of this country. 
During the period 1103 - 1154 the village was named GELTERKINGEN and this name was part of the big group of names  from the big agglomerations alemanics with the termination  -INGEN that meant "the court of the Gelt(e)rich and his clan", the Geltrichinge. By the urban scribes, the dialectal g has been replaced by d, (Kind instead of Ching), that has been assumed with time also in the common use. 
The following sentence is taken from the second page of the book  "Aus der Geschichte Gelterkindens"  by  Pfr. D.K. Gauz, Liestal:
- Die römische Ansiedlung am Fuße des Bettenbergs ging ein; die andere hat den Alemannensturm überlebt und wurde von einem Franken Geltrich besetzt. Nach seiner Familie Geltriching erhielt der Ort den Namen.
Translation of this text: 
- The Roman agglomeration downhill Bettenberg has been annihilated; the other one survived the assault of the Alamanses and has been occupied by a Franc named Geltrich. And, according to his family Geltriching, the place received its name. 
All along our  genealogical researches, various orthographic shapes have been discovered; shapes having evolved with the passing of time. It is necessary to know that with regard to the spelling of Family names, all is only History of Phonetics. 
The various spellings found on our name chronologically classified per years represented on the documents are as following: 



Gelterkinden -CH



Ravensburg -D



Ravensburg -D



Ravensburg / Sigmarshofen -D



Ravensburg / Tübingen -D



Mömpelgart -F



St.Hippolyte -F  / Oppenau -D



Allenjoie –F



St.Hippolyte -F



Allenjoie -F



Weitbruch -F



About every where

To notice that, in all visited archives as well as in all consulted books of armorials, the different spellings of the name are often mentioned; especially those in the armorials. It simply means that it is about one and the same family.
To the present spelling GELDREICH:  The death certificate of Michel GELDREICH / Weitbruch in France, (born November 24.1779), deceased in 1833, the last act carrying the spelling GELDRICH from the fatherly side is dated 1833.  This death-document is also a proof that it is about one and the same family. Some older spellings like Göldrich or Geldrich also exist today.