The Gäldrich house in Ravensburg,
Marktstraße 27.

Following text has been copied out of the notebook nr.3 "Altstadt Aspekte `93" 
"Ravensburger Kostbarkeiten", by Beate Falk. 

While going up the marketstreet toward the upper gate, on the right you can see the house number 27. This is an imposing building of Gothic style in red color. It is a two-storied stone building which has been built in the years 1436 and 1493, and put together out of two unique buildings. At this time, these types of houses so massively built could only be purchased by very wealthy people. The cheaper type of building were half-timbered buildings common in Ravensburgat the time.

Today is a musical instrument store in the Marktstraße 27 of Ravensburg.

On the right bow is the coat of arms from the Gäldrich family.

Which patrician family of Ravensbourg during the 14 – 15th centuries possessed such wealth and reputation that enabled them to acquire such a representative building? In 1473, the family Gäldrich is named as the owner of that house in the books of the city.

By fusion of the two houses toward the mid to late 15th century gave the house a double width of parcel.  In relation to the other houses on the street, this gave an adequate statute of that building to this family. The first floor, probably at the time covered with tiles, served like a vehicular axis and facilitated the passage to the rear house "Roßbachstraße 6". Another room with an arched roof, was built for security against fire.  This room probably served to preserve the business and domestic documents.

The first floor was reserved to the dwelling of the owners. On the outer facade, there was a strip of three double windows. Behind these windows is a big room. Inside a rounded ceiling segmented with beams of Gothic style and, in particular the front of windows, very elegant, that above all, appeared from the outside like very cheap architecture. However, the right lintel in the interior supports two segments of bows, which rest graciously on a decorated pillier. This one, a little bit away from the wall, gave a great deal of elegant adornment to this room.

The rounded ceiling segmented with beams of old Gothic style that cover the much of the room, carry sculpted ornaments that you can also find in other buildings of the same Gothic style. Unfortunately we miss the coat of arms of the Gäldrich. They were probably sculpted in the middleboard that was replaced 1895 by the new owner Carl Wirth with a sculpture of the new Gothic style that shows two lions looking one toward the other.

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The patrician house in the marketstreet is constructed of a front and of a rear house. The rear house of the building, Roßbachstraße 6, was accessible only from the front house or the marketstreet.   The “Roßbach” (a river or stream) used to flow along the house until 1890. The rear house is a half-timbered building of the 15th century. On the ground floor were the stables. On the first floor, there were two Gothic rooms that were probably private rooms of the family Gäldrich. Another vast room, which is equipped with a timber ceiling, brings us into a smaller room which measures about 4 x 5 meters.  Its walls were lined of timbers of a thickness of 45cm. The segmented and rounded ceiling with its ornaments corresponds to the decor of the big room in the front house. The second floor of this rear house was probably destroyed in 1923 by a fire and has never been rebuilt.

The Gäldrich family were not present in Ravensburg after 1629, but always considered this house as the ancestral house of the family. Itwas only in 1728 that the Baroness Maria Sybilla, born Gäldrich von Sigmarshofen who resold the totality of goods.

The memory of that family is so important for Ravensburg that there is the “Gäldrichweg" (Path of the Gäldrich - it’s a small street).  It is situated in a part of the city, where there was a vineyard belonging previously to them. The vineyard and the vinepress were sold in 1728.