The castle Senftenau Lindau city (Bodensee).

The Senftenau Castle, which is close to Äschach, was both a castle and a mill.  The first owners of the estate appeared in 1344.  These were the counts of Monfort.  In 1356 Konrad Guterschers, who was president of the urban courthouse took ownership.  Then in 1370, Berthold and Heinrich Peygrer paid annually a half pound of pepper for the estate. In 1390, the estate was detained by Ulrich Peygrer. In 1480, 1481 and 1491 the patrician of Ravensburg, Jos Humpiß took ownership.  He gave the guarantee in 1485 and 1490 to pay 18 fl in order to be admitted as a citizen of the city Lindau.

In 1515, 1518, 1531, 1540, 1548, 1549 and 1551 the castle and mill passed to the descendants of Jos Humpiß.

In 1518 Hans Gäldrich married Barbara Humpiß von Schachen, the daughter of Jos Humpiß.  Hans invested with his brother-in-law in the Senftenau estate.

On the left of the door of entry on the building are the coat of arms of the Geldrich / Humpiss.

A citizen of Augsburg, Macharius Rumler, received the Senftenau Castle in 1570. However, he resold it in the same year to a citizen of Feldkirch, Ludwig Büchler, whose son Veit inherited it in 1585. In 1605, the estate landed in the hands of an urban citizen: the privat counsel Valentin Funk. He was invested by the abbess.

Today. the Senftenau Castle is well-preserved and is in private possession of Dr. H. Jobst who purchased it from the city Lindau in the mid 1980’s.

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