Trading Company sign

Copy out of "Württembergisches Adels= und Wappenbuch" from Otto von Alberti

" ------------------------propably a member of the same lineage, Frick Göldrich, citizen of Ravensburg, who sold in 1330 a domain in Unter-Waldhausen (OU. Ravensburg) was owner of the Trademark illustrated here beside. "

If Frick Göldrich,1330 citizen of Ravensburg this sign as a trading sign owned ist not known. But we know that the Geldrich from Ravensburg around 1450 already have been activ in the distant trade and were member of the big trading company Ravensburg and later to the one of the Ankenreute belonged.

Like all medieval trading companies and independent businessmen had the "Big Ravensburger trading company" also an own trading signk.

It was used not only around correspondence, but also to sign bale and goods, and generally the whole propertys of the society was signed with it.

The sign shows a wavy ground line where from the center of it, an upright beam from which on the left side an another beam and on the right side two another beams are pointing upwards. The lower beam on the rigth side is crossed from a shorter line which propably should expresses the religious moment. The whole probably has to represent a tree, consisting of the trunk and three branches without foliage, because Claus Steinhüsler writes at the end of an account concerning the saffron application: "und wasß gezeichnott mit dem pom" (34), i.e. "wich is marked with the tree". And beside thi remarks we have the sign of the big trading company of Ravensburg.

The initial refer to the tradesman Friedrich Grünenberg of Constance.
Resource: General country archive Karlsruhe 67/1686, fol.25a .