Hans Wilhelm Geldrich von Sigmarshofen
Born on Mai 14.1583 in Ravensburg / Germany, son of Hans Friedrich Geldrich von Sigmarshofen and of Margaretha Schulthaiss, Jean Guillaume is a very important member of the family. He died on January 25th. of the year 1651.
The picture on the left side is a copy of the evangelic parish register of the city Ravensburg. On the right page we have the inscription of the christening of Hans-Wilhelm Geldrich. The original churchbook is preserved in the archives of the city Ravensburg.

The picture below is a copy of THE marriage settlement between Hans Wilhelm Geldrich von Sigmarshofen and Elisabeth Waldner von Freudenstein from 08.01.1618. The original document is preserved in the provicial archives of the Haut-Rhin in Colmar / France.
Jean Guillaume Geldrich von Sigmarshofen was the supreme Council of Montbéliard. He counseled the Duke of Württemberg in 1608. In 1615, he became chief of the Guards in Montbéliard. Subsequently, he was elected Mayor of the city of Montbéliard on January 08.1618. He also served as Bailiff (a Bailiff was a Judge and administrator of a Judicial circumscription (manorial or royal).

On March 20, 1623 he appears in the registers as being the owner of the Castle of Wolfsberg. At the time of the transfer on March 27, 1657, the youngest son Georg Léopold became owner of the Wolfsberg.

On August 04 1629 Jean Guillaume became owner of the district near St. Pierre’s gate in Montbéliard. This gate doesn't exist any more, but it was located near the streets Rue de la mouche and Rue cuvier. At the time of Jean Guillaume, Saint Pierre was one of the districts of Montbéliard which could be reached only by a small bridge.

The Bailiff's house next to the castle of Montbéliard is today a school of music that is open to visitors. That building is also called the lodgings of the squires.  It was constructed in 1597 to welcome bailly and courtiers. As bailiff, Jean Guillaume probably spent a great deal of time there.
This is a Seal of Hans Wilhelm Gelderich von Sigmarshofen. The photo has been taken of a document preserved in the archives of Montbéliard.

Geldric h

The coat of arms; Open helmet, (symbol of Nobility)three red greyhounds, running, positioned one on the other; top of the Helmet a sitting greyhound.
Hans Wilhelm Geldrich von Sigmarshofen died on January 25, 1651 and was buried in the cathedral of Basel. The photocopy is an extract of the text of the enrollment on his burial stone and from his epitaph printed in the book Johannes Tonjoia, Basilea Sepulta... Basel 1661, on page 93.
Below, an another copy of a document with a seal of Hans Wilhelm Gelderich von Sigmarshofen. Seal made out of red wax with the signetringof Hans Wilhelm. The document is dated with the year 1634 and talks about the tax assessment of a fief in in Pfaffenheim. The original document is preserved in the provicial archives of the Haut-Rhin in Colmar / France.
An. 1651- - - - - - - -on the stone
here rest spiritual in God the noble born
Joh. Wilhelm Göldreichvon Siegmars =
hoffen /
privy councillor of the Duke of Württemberg
Mayor of the city of Montbéliard
. As a Christian,
honest-to-God he died as a Christ
on 25. January with the age of 68 years.
Expecting the happy resurrection.

Last consolation
J. Joh. Willhelm Göldrichs
von Sigmarshoffen/
privy councillor of D. of Würrt.
and Mayor of the city of Montbéliard
Aus Paul. Rom 8.
The spirit of God gives testimony our spirit that we are Gods ------ - - children/and are we children/so also are we heir/
Gods heir/ and co-heirs of Christ
Later we meet Hans-Wilhelm Geldrich v.S. in Alsace / France, 8 Km north of Colmar when he, together with his cousin "Frédéric-Jean von Brininghoffen", inherit from theyr oncle Wolf Sebastian von Ferrette, in th eearly XVII century the property of Schoppenwihr. 1623 Hans-Wilhelm G. v.S. left his cousin Frédéric-Jean a quarter of theire common goods they owned in Kientzheim, Kaysersberg and Strasbourg all three in France and Oberkirch / Germany.