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David Geldreich
Lyon / France
José Geldreich
Wörrstadt / Allemagne
Thomas Geldreich
Wiesbaden / Allemagne

Over the past few years, we, David, José and Thomas Geldreich, have been working on the history of the Geldreich family. More than twenty years of research was required to gather all this information so we could trace back through the family tree of our ancestors. We see this homepage also as basis for our further investigations, and would be nice to get your message, if you know or heard any kind of context with the name Geldreich. We would like to say thank you to all the people, from near and far, who have contributed to the development of this homepage. We would also like to emphasise that all the collected informations in this page are factual and proved. Of course, we would greatly appreciate any other information that anyone may come across. It goes without saying that this site will only grow with your testimonies and documents.

While waiting, we wish you a pleasant journey back into the time of our ancestors.

With friendly help by translation from Jim Geldreich / Wi. USA